Are the Lulzsec members stopping

So as you should know by now Lulzsec has announced it’s retirement but. Do you truly know the members will stop. They never mentioned not forming a new group and Sabu posted a tweet a while ago stating they could just change the psuedonames and be untraceable so maybe Lulzsec lives on but more secretive in which case corporations ready your security or you will be lulz attacked. that is all


Lulzsec ends

At the time of writing the main Lulzsec group has announced it is I fact ending. Undoubtedly the group will be remembered for years to come but why have type ended their spree? They claim of course that they planned on doing it for 50 days only and, don’t get me wrong that is possible but I feel they may fear someone was closing in on finding them. Hopefully more info would be released but the sad thing is they never managed to defeat their hacker rivals. That is all.