What now? (and address to hacking groups)

Well with the disbanding of Lulzsec we are less likely to here about AntiSec in the media. Other groups will be posting what they have done for it but other than that there won’t be much. I will say however that i am dissapointed. They had used the AntiSec movement to gain support and in no way followed it’s original ideals. I ask this to the hacker groups in AntiSec- Why release innocents data? Hacker groups that do that aren’t a force for good at all! That data can be used to make people’s lives hell. We’re fine with releasing the data of a CEO of a company who has done very little to keep is customers details confidential, We support the Ddosing of Websites that are against the original AntiSec movement. But don’t harm others. That is all.


Are the Lulzsec members stopping

So as you should know by now Lulzsec has announced it’s retirement but. Do you truly know the members will stop. They never mentioned not forming a new group and Sabu posted a tweet a while ago stating they could just change the psuedonames and be untraceable so maybe Lulzsec lives on but more secretive in which case corporations ready your security or you will be lulz attacked. that is all